AXEBASH! REV.FR. BLOWS HOT AGAINST NIGERIAN CORRUPT LEADERS • Charges Nigerian Youths to live beyond religious sentiment and cultural bias.

The General Coordinator of the Justice Development and Peace Makers’ Centre of the Diocese of Osogbo, Rev.Fr. Peter Akinkunmi has frowned at corrupt Leaders in Nigeria who have been making nation building a very-hard goal to achieve as a result of personal and inordinate ambition.

Addressing the noble gathering at Annual Democracy Day 2019 organized by the Justice Development and Peace Makers’ Centre held at the Diocesan Hall, Catholic Bishop’s House, Oke-Aye, Osogbo, Rev.Fr. Akinkunmi reminded the youths present at the occasion that they were heirs and heiresses of the Nigeria good heritage which came through by the determined efforts of the founding fathers of the Country, Nigeria even at the cost of their own dear lives. He expressed his displeasure at a great-poor level the potentials and resources were not maximized being to the full scales despite its huge profits to Nigerians irrespective of Age, Tribes or Status. He attributed this unpleasant state to the Greediness and lack of patriotism on the part of Leaders who are at the helm of affairs.

The Coordinator noted further that, relocating orientation that has permeated the Nigerians’ cultural fabrics and psyche would not be the best alternative for the health status of the country considering the number of sectors that would suffer for it.

He therefore charged the in-school youths present to pay attention to the details of the task of the past heroes and good that has come out of their sacrifice so far, added that it would do Nigeria great favour if they could rise to the occasion of ugly trend of improper and corruptible Leadership and rule that has pervaded Nigeria.

“If the past Heroes could succeed to overcome Military rule then, stamping out corruptible Leaders and obnoxious rule were also achievable. Building on the potentials and resources left behind should be your top priority so that life will judge you on the side of record.

There is no better time than now to fight corrupt cabals arrogating nation’s resources to themselves and who are making nation building frustrating for us because nobody will do it for us; it is a collective responsibility and this is a rationale behind our gathering today,” he concluded.

Other events used to commemorate the 2019 Democracy day was a panel session with two discussants, retired Justice Olamide Oloyede of Adeleke University and Dr. Ogunyemi of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife Osun State who both discussed on the theme “Democracy and the future of Nigeria and Nigerians” which was moderated by Mr Festus Ojewumi. They both summited that Democracy by its make ups gave rooms for full happiness of mankind which must not be usurped by political leaders.

The Duo also expressed optimism that Nigeria would rise and get to its enviable height but advised Governments at all levels to stay true to the pristine tenets and values of the Democracy such as Accountability and Transparency most especially recognition of People’s will while recommending restructuring as an alternative panacea, if all the sectors in Nigeria must work well and fast.

In his remark, the Programme Manager of the Democracy and Good Governance of the Justice Development and Peace Makers’ Centre Diocese of Osogbo, Mr. Festus Ojewumi stressed that gathering was not for fun but to lay more credence to the essence of Democracy in order for it get to its right footing in the Nigeria’s political space. He urged the motley crowd, youths in particular to go back to the drawing board so as to come up action plan that would surge the Country forward better.

The event also witnessed Cultural dance being displayed by the Students of Roseful International School and Ataoja High School, Osogbo and also a quiz competition where Six Senior secondary School Students participated. The event came to a close with the presentation of gifts to the Schools and Students who participated at the quiz competition and the group photographs were taken at the end of the day.


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