Women’ Equality Day: Avail yourselves of political office for a better Nigeria – JDPMC

Women across the length and the breadth of Nigeria especially in Osun state have been charged to brace up and wake up to the current challenges bedeviling the Country ranging from insecurity, economic instability and other social crisis.

The General Coordinator of the Justice Development and Peace Makers’ Centre (JDPMC), Osogbo Rev.Fr. Peter Akinkunmi stated this in his Women’s Equality Day’s message made available to the Newsmen in Osogbo.

Fr. Akinkunmi said that the women’s indifference across the country in the nation’s affairs has been a big minus to her socio-economic and political developments which would not be too good for her.

He noted further that the significant potentials of women in this contemporary world cannot be overemphasized particularly to Democracy and Good Governance and this is why women have to rise to the occasion by availing themselves of political offices for a better Nigeria.

While commending Nigerian women who have been standing out in their various chosen careers and fields like Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and among many others. He enjoined other Nigerian women to take a cue from these women of substance.

“Non-participation of women in Nigeria’s political space, key policy-making and economic planning is a big minus to the nation’s good governance and her progress. I think it is high time Nigerian women braced up and harnessed their God-given potentials for the development of Nigeria as this is not the best time to play indifference at least for the sake of posterity.

He however used the medium to celebrate all the Nigerian women across the country as the world marks International Women’s Equality Day while expressing his optimism in a better Nigeria through women’s participation in politics and community development.

Girl Child Day: Jdpmc vows just & equitable society for every Girl Child

The Justice and Development and Peace Makers’ Centre, Osogbo has reiterated its commitment towards peace, just and equitable society for every Girl Child in the state.

General Coordinator of the Justice Development and Peace Makers’ Centre (JDPMC), Rev.Fr.Peter Akinkunmi made this known in his message to commemorate the annual International Girl Child’s Day through the Head of Integrated Human Development Department, Mrs. Juliet Akande.

“We have seen and still seeing the challenges of being a girl child in our communities; from being not wanted because of male child preference to being subjected to Female Genital Mutilation, to defilement/ sexual abuse by pedophilic men, to absenteeism in school if she ever gets to go to school, to early drop-out to support the household earning, to being child household head in the unfortunate incidence of maternal mortality, to unhygienic menstrual management, to early child marriage or betrothal especially after being used as collateral for the loan, to teenage pregnancy resulting from rape and many more sufferable situations”, he stressed.

He therefore assured the Nigerian Girl Children especially in the Osun state not to give up or lose hope as the JPDMC would continually champion their cause in any imbalanced or unjust situation for they were not alone.

“Our hopes are raised when we see women who crossed the hurdles to become great, and the number of girls we have defended and catered for, we will not relent in clamoring for a Just, Peace and Equitable society of our dreams, meanwhile, more girls can run to us for safety, justice and holistic support for we will not be tired”, he affirmed.