World Environment Day: JDPMC warns Nigerians against toxic environmental practices

Nigerians have been charged to shun all manners of unhygienic practices that might result to the environmental degradation and hazard especially in this rainy season but rather should promote environmental-friendly agriculture and good sanitation as well as hygiene practices in their various communities.

The General Coordinator of the Justice, Development and Peace Makers’ Centre (JDPMC), Osogbo Rev.Fr.Peter Akinkunmi stated this in his World Environment Day message through the Programme Supervisor,Mrs. Morenike Onaolapo of the Rural Development Programme.

Fr. Akinkunmi described Environment as a cherishable heritage and free gift of nature which required concerted efforts of every human being to keep it fit for a living and habitation. He however expressed his regret at the low level of hygiene practices in Nigeria which could portend serious dangers on existence of humanity and development of the nation among which were deforestation, mining, use of toxic substance and chemical weapons, bush burning, over grazing and bad agricultural, sanitation practices as well as pollution of various forms.

He therefore called for strategically and holistically designed measures with actions that promote tree planting, total eradication of unwarranted and destructive mining activities, not only these but also mitigate against land, air, water pollution, promote zero bush burning, environmental friendly agriculture, good sanitation and hygiene practices in all our communities so that every could live in fulfillment of God’s purpose for their lives.