JDPs warn farmers against the use of GMO, enjoin them to stay true to natural seed selection techniques.

The Rural Development Departments of the Justice, Development and Peace (JDPs) of Province of Ibadan comprising; Ibadan Archdiocese, Osogbo, Oyo, Ekiti and Ilorin Dioceses have cautioned framers across the province against the uses of the Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) seeds as an alternative to natural seed selection techniques to which they are acquainted.

This was contained in a statement jointly issued by the Provincial Rural Development Team under the Chairmanship of Mr. Emmanuel Aikhomen of Archdiocese of Ibadan during the Provincial Exchange Forum held in Ado-Ekiti.

According to the statement “Having critically looked into the development and carefully considered the possible advantages and disadvantages associated with the initiative and likely effects on small scale farmers in a plenary session and its product-intake upshot on humanity, it is therefore suggested that farmers across the states should avoid the use of Genetically Modified Organism Seeds that are capable of causing irreparable damages to the nation’s biodiversity.

We equally use the best of this medium to direct the Provincial RUDEPs to link up with Dialogue in Partnership Service (DPS) office of MISEREOR in Abuja, to further liaise with CARITAS NIGERIA, on the GMO seeds as there is limit to the extent the message can go if solely handled by the province. The Rural Development in Ibadan Ecclesiastical Province should work with target farmers to promote the use of natural seed selection techniques for crops production on their field, information sharing and awareness creation on GMOs should be embarked upon and various programs should reach out directly to concerned government ministries, departments and agencies.”

The Forum also urged the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) and National Biodiversity Management Agency (NBMA) to urgently rally relevant stakeholders from the sector and adopt Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) as it would help in gaining the confidence of international market while Government should regulate food safety issues affecting production of agro produce.

Others present at the Provincial Exchange Forum were Departmental Heads of Rural Development Prorammes, Mrs.Bola olorede-Ibadan Archdiocese, Mrs.Onaolapo Morenike-Osogbo Diocese, Mr.Anthony Oqunnupebi-Oyo Diocese, Mr.Remigius Eze-Ekiti Diocese and Mr.David Omotoso of Ilorin Diocese.