Yes, you can but embrace good values and shun bad conducts-JDPMC urges youths

As Nigeria joins the rest of the World today to commemorate this year’s International Youth Day, youths across the length and breadth of the country have been advised to imbibe the culture of good values that will promote good leadership and representation at all strata of Governments.

The General Coordinator of the Justice, Development and Peace Makers’ Centre Osogbo, Rev.Fr.Peter Akinkunmi gave this admonition in his World Youth Day’s Message.

Speaking on the theme of this year’s celebration that says”Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health ”. Fr.Akinkunmi said that it is true that Nigerian youths have technological advantages to transform the fortune of every sector of this country for the better.

He however stressed further that to steer the affair of a country like Nigeria requires good values and moral conduct as that it has been a great missing link between the Government and the Governed.

while enjoining them to eschew every sharp and unhealthy practice more importantly vain glory that will not take them far but rather should ensure that they participate in the nation’s policy formulation where and when the need arises.

Hepatitis Day: “Get tested and vaccinated now, it is no longer an option” JDPMC admonishes Nigerians

In the spirit of World Hepatitis Day’s commemoration particularly safety and prevention of high mortality rate in the country, Nigerians have been admonished to imbibe the culture of constant practice of proper medical check-up by subjecting themselves to Hepatitis test and vaccination.

The General Coordinator of the Justice, Development and Peace Makers Centre, (JDPMC), Osogbo, Rev.Fr.Peter Akinkunmi made this known in his World Hepatitis Day’s Message.

Fr.Akinkunmi noted that getting tested in order to know one’s health status and vaccinated respectively were no longer optional considering the death rates recorded so far due to Covid19 pandemic and other underlying diseases. He added that it was important Nigerians learned how to prevent the worst from happening rather than fighting it.

He therefore enjoined Nigerian to cultivate the habit of regular health maintenance and medical check-up which he described as a key to a sound living and long life.