Bi-weekly newsletter on Campaign Finance Tracking in Ondo Gubernatorial Poll, click on the details…

The ability of citizens to decide through the ballot on how they are governed is a fundamental to a sustainable democracy. The process of the election is the foundation upon which democratic governments exists and functions must reflect without conflict, the equality, freedom of all eligible citizens to freely participate politically. To ensure a level playing field, money in politics must be regulated in line with several provisions of the electoral act to prevent the influence of money in deciding the outcome of elections.

This is why JDPMC in collaboration with IFES is currently tracking the campaign finance of selected contestants in the 2020 Ondo State gubernatorial election. This first edition of the newsletter covers the period of 16th of August to 30th of August, 2020 and shares highlights of findings from tracking the campaign finance of selected political parties in the 2020 gubernatorial election in Ondo state by JDPMC.

Click on the link below for the meaty details.

JDPMC Campaign Finance Tracking on ONDO POLL

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