“Eschew the culture of Indifference & get involved in Budget planning&performance”- Osun Lawmaker charges Citizens.

The General Coordinator of the JDPMC Osogbo, Rev.Fr.Peter Akinkunmi flanked by Hon.Babatunde Olatunji, Chief Whip,State of Osun House of Assembly.

Hon.Babatunde Olatunji addressing Good Governance Committee Memebers across 20LGAs of the State.

Mr.Festus Ojewumi, Programme Supervisor of the JDPMC moderating the Programme.

Across section of the Members of Good Governance Committee.

Rev.Fr.Peter Akinkunmi, the General Coordinator of the JDPMC while making an opening remark.

Another across section of the Members of the GGC.

Hon. Babatunde Olatunji Answering questions emanating from the participants in the Forum.




Participants present at the Forum.

The General Coordinator making closing remark.

In recognition of his outstanding facilitating expertise.

Presentation of Award to the Hon.Olatunji as a distinguished Facilitator at the Legislative Meeting between the Legislative Arm and Members of the Good Governance Committee of the JDPMC by Rev.Fr.Peter Akinkunmi.


“The success of any State budget formulation and implementation lie on the public participation of citizens with active mobilization and advocacy for accountability and transparency. People must be ready to be responsible, unite to form a common font towards better Governance. They must vote people of integrity into power, populate men of good character and dignity into political space and system. It is only in Nigeria that people are extremely religious but highly ungodly, full of activities without productivity, doing things in the same way but expecting different results. Culture of indifference must be dealt with. I have said this, time and again; there is need for cultural revival, if possible social re-engineering and orientation from the Governed. I appreciate JDPMC, for being a blessing to Osun State and for making meaningful impacts and positive imprints in the state. You are what I refer to as timely succour for this age. I call for more replicative Bodies at least twenty that will make the state stronger and engaging.”

Excerpt from Hon. Babatunde Lekan Olatunji, Chief Whip State of Osun Assembly during the Legislative Dialogue with the JDPMC’s Good Governance Committee Members across the 20LGAs in the State.