Osun commissioner harps on human capital development, calls for JDPMC’s support

The Osun State Commissioner for Economic Planning, Budget and Development, Prof. Olalekan Yinusa has stressed the need for Nigerians especially the Government at all levels and the Corporate Body to cultivate human capital development orientation.

Hon. Yinusa said that the fundamental key of progress and what guarantees sustainable development is human capital development as it is more everlasting and result-orientated.

According to him “the foundation of innovation and creativity which is key to production and value creation is a human being that comes from human knowledge. We are in the era of the Industrial revolution where the age of science and mass production and the rise of digital technology are at their peak priority must be given to this lofty approach for a better society,

of course, this has formed part of the reasons we are having an inclusive budget system where people can access, analyze and interpret Osun’s budget in Yoruba rather than Lingua franca alone. We cannot do it alone, Government needs more hands and people like Justice, Development and Peace Makers’ Centre for collaboration and support”.

Earlier in his remark, the General Coordinator of JDPMC Rev.Fr. Peter Akinkunmi expressed the readiness of the organization to support the Government in creating a right-home environment towards the holistic development of humanity in Osun state.

JDPMC launches Web Tracking Portal to ensure accountability and transparency in Govt’s project

A leading Non-governmental, Non-political and not for profit Organization in Osun state also known as Justice, Development and Peace Makers’ Centre, Osogbo (JDPMC) has launched another Web Portal initiative called ‘Osun Eye on our Money that would see to the tracking of Governments’ projects in order to ensure accountability, transparency and timely delivery.

The initiative came to the fore through one of the programmatic Departments known as Democracy and Good Governance (DGG) Department of the Justice, Development and Peace Makers’ Centre, Osogbo.

According to the Head of Programme of the Organization, Festus Ojewumi, the initiative is to empower citizens to drive transparency and accountability in the state through fact-checking monitoring, and verification mechanisms woven around citizens’ engagement.

Osun Eye on our money initiative will promote sustained citizen engagement, which will ultimately spur reforms in the implementation of the government projects scheme to allow for much-needed inclusiveness in government projects and their proper execution.

He said further “Osun money is a web app which aims to trigger and sustain citizens’ interest, engagement, and participation in constituency projects across the country by being a verifiable, viable, and versatile authentication platform. It will be used across the LGAs of the State. Information on the status of projects in communities will be uploaded on the platform by community volunteers within communities.

The information is verified independently by community members and shared with legislators and other stakeholders. It is an evidence- and data-gathering platform for all stakeholders to verify the status of projects beyond contractor or the awardee reports.”

Added that “the rationale behind the initiative is to tame the tide of corruption that thrives in secrecy by sharping the interest of the General public, more importantly, to increase the citizens’ participation in deciding what sort of projects they desire and in monitoring projects’ implementation in a transparent manner. In that light, such interactions will shine a spotlight on elected representatives, thereby mandating them to provide more transparent and accountable representation in project selection and execution.

In his remark, the General Coordinator of the JDPMC, Rev.Fr. Peter Akinkunmi noted that the overall aim of the Web Portal is to drive and raise the interest and commitment of the people at various communities towards public participation and civic engagement in good governance with the selfless spirit of ‘Charity Begins at Home.

“It is highly unheard of that the owners of the resources do not know what becomes of their resources in this modern age of democratic practice, this is why our team came up with this lofty idea and the whole essence of this web tracking portal is to ensure public participation and Civic engagement in different local communities by taking responsibility and acting well their part in community development. By so doing, they will have an understanding that they are not only the beneficiaries of the assets of the land but also the owners”, He concluded.

Meet Semiu Adabanija on today’s Episode of Justice & Good Governance Radio Programme

It is another fresh Week of the Justice Development and Peace Makers’ Centre Radio Programme ‘Justice and Good Governance.
The focus is on the Insecurity and Agitation for separation in Nigeria: The Youth Standpoint.

Our Guest for this Week’s episode is a seasoned Development Expert; Semiu Adabanija. He is the Team Lead, SEAD AFRICA.

Kindly be part of the solution of country, Nigeria by joining the conversation by 2:00pm today.

Osun youths call for Restructuring for a better Nigeria

In a bid to arrest insecurity issues and other social unrest ravaging Nigeria. Osun youths have called for a just, balance and fair system that would accommodate all and sundry’s welfare and well-being.

This unanimous view was gathered during a one-day symposium in commemoration of the Annual Democracy Day organized by the Justice, Development and Peace Makers’ Centre, Osogbo (JDPMC).

According to them, the solution to the current challenges facing the country is not in secession but rather in Governments creating enabling environment for Nigerians particularly unemployed-teeming youths in the country through even distribution of national opportunities.

They also stressed that it is pertinent Governments place priority on the true practice of the rule of law and its guiding principle of equality before the law to the full scale.

Above links tell more about the realistic agitation of the Nigerian youths.

JDPMC designs blueprint for women’s participation in politics

Women’s public and political participation is a critical step towards reshaping economic, political, and social conditions to allow for equality in opportunities and results for women and men. Women can be informed, thoughtful, and strategic advocates for their own needs. Today, their political participation is subverting the private/public sphere dichotomy, putting real power and leadership in women’s hands.

It is an incontestable fact that women constitute over half of the world’s population. Nigeria’s case is not different; Unfortunately, this numerical strength has not found corresponding expression or representation in Nigeria’s public life. Women’s participation in politics and governance is of strategic importance, not only for women’s empowerment but because it has wider benefits and impact. Many people have expressed the view of the great importance of women’s participation and representation in the governance of their country that it can bring to national development.

For any nation to realize the noble idea of democracy with its emphasis on participation, competition and liberty of the people, there is a need for the promotion of gender inequality. Democracy will not bring development to a country where there is no active involvement and participation of the two sexes; male and female.


In order to bridge the gap and ensure active women participation in politics especially at the grassroots, Justice, Development and Peace Makers Centre has packaged this training guide in order to be used by JDPMC’s seasoned and trained women influencers who would help to train and mentor other women in order to get involved in politics, governance and Community Development.

It is our strong belief that through this initiative, more women will get involved in community development, governance and Politics.


Rev. Fr. Peter Akinkunmi

General Coordinator,

JDPMC, Osogbo

Kindly click below and download


Women in Politics Training Manual



Reminder:Legislative Dialogue with Hon. Babatunde Desmond, join the conversation on Rave 91.7 fm

A Faith based Charity, Non-Governmental, Non-Political, and Not-for-profit Organization known as Justice, Development and Peace Makers’ Centre (JDPMC), Osogbo invites the General Public to her quarterly and political-community interactive forum tagged “Legislative Dialogue” with Hon.Babatunde Desmond representing Oriade state constituency of the Osun State House Assembly.

Legislative dialogue is an in-house programme of the JDPMC created to afford an atmosphere in which political office holders and the people especially members of the community at the grassroots to interact and dialogue on community development measures towards a better living and representation of all and sundry.

it is a phone in programme that will give the populace an opportunity to contribute at appointed time.


Covid-19: See what happens during the distribution of Osun palliative materials.

Justice, Development and Peace Makers Centre Osogbo monitored the distribution of Palliatives and Food relief materials organized by the 21-man food and relief committee set up by the Osun state Government and other non- state actors in order to reduce the burden caused by the total lockdown of the state for 2 weeks to curb the spread of COVID 19 in the Osun State.

The distribution started on the 27th of April, 2020 with the collection of the Food relief materials such as Rice, beans, Noodles, Semovita, Gaari, Egg, bread etc from the warehouse in Osogbo. All the 30 LGAs including Area Office were grouped into 6 in which each group comprised 5 LGAs in the State. In each day assigned for each group to collect palliatives, the LGA Chairman, Representative of Christian Association of Nigeria, Muslim Society and NGOs make up the stakeholders that usually inspect the food at the warehouse situated at Osicol Building, Old Garage Area Osogbo before transporting the relief materials to different LGAs. 5 LGAs were always attended to per day.

JDPMC Monitoring Activities in 3LGAs of the State.

JDPMC monitored the delivery of relief materials from the warehouse in Osogbo to the direct beneficiaries i.e villagers across different communities in 3 LGAs of the State which are Atakumosa East, Atakumosa West and Osogbo LGAs of the State. Read more

INEC Osun engages JDPMC on campaign finance in Nigeria.


It was a gathering of All INEC Staff across the length and breadth of Osun State. The purpose of the gathering was solely to discuss on Campaign Finance Tracking in Nigeria: The journey so far. Owing to exploits the Justice Development and Peace Makers’ Centre, (JDPMC) Osogbo has recorded in Osun State and Nigeria on Campaign Finance Tracking, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Osun State invited the organization to present a Public lecture on the theme “Campaign Finance Tracking in Nigeria: The journey so far”. The lecture was held on the 25th February, 2020 at the INEC Conference Hall, Osogbo, Osun State. The event had in attendance the Resident electoral commissioner of Osun state, Mr Segun Agbaje, all Directors in INEC Osun, and all Electoral Officers across the thirty Local Government Areas of Osun state, and other members of the public.

Click on the above link for the details of the report…

OPEN-SECRET: JDPMC-IFES’ report indicts major political parties of violation of Campaign Finance Law in the 2019 Kogi&Bayelsa Gubernatorial Polls.


Confronted like never before by the plague of poverty, population explosion, growing polarization and reels of humanitarian crisis, Nigeria has never stood in need as it does today of a level playing ground by which its’ people would elect the best candidates to steer the course of her leadership at all levels as it is proper of a modern democracy.

Elections processes and outcomes marred by all shades of irregularities and malpractices, decades of failed leadership since return to democracy in 1999 compels the ongoing efforts towards the emergence of frameworks, institutions and processes that could facilitate credible elections to produce the required leadership worthy of modern democracy. Poorly regulated in-flow and out-flow of party and campaign finance has remained the vital force of all malpractices such as election violence, gender discrimination, election rigging, ‘godfatherism’, vote buying and all forms of patron-cliental politics. These decades of unchecked malpractices strongly question the efficiency of the legal framework regulating party/campaign financing as well as its enforcement and citizen’s oversight efforts. Unless the influence of money is significantly and consistently checked in the election of leaders, Nigeria would be plunged into complex crisis under poor leadership.

As steps to checking the grave consequences of growing and unchecked bold contravention of laws regulating campaign finance to democracy and development in Nigeria, the Justice Development and Peace Makers Centre in collaboration with the International Federation for Electoral Systems have initiated and embarked upon a well-planned 4-months campaign finance monitoring project of prominent political parties for the November 2019 gubernatorial election of Bayelsa state. It is not unconnected with previous efforts of this partnership in campaign finance monitoring which had already been undertaken in the Osun state gubernatorial election in 2018, the 2019 general election and the Bayelsa state gubernatorial election of November 2019.

This publication shares the processes and findings of the initiative for the November 2019 Bayesla state gubernatorial election with all stakeholders in a timely manner. The aim is to promote multi-stakeholder response which is the pathway out of the critical situation which the protracted incapacity of the legal frameworks, processes and relevant institutions to regulate campaign finance subject democracy and development in Nigeria. To be found in this publication among others include the evolution of strategy, operational mechanism, implementation exercises, conclusions of the project as well as recommendations for the strengthening of party/ campaign finance regulation in Nigeria.

kindly click on the above link,download and digest the fact-contained files.

Rev Fr Peter Akinkunmi

General Coordinator, JDPMC