Osun youths call for Restructuring for a better Nigeria

In a bid to arrest insecurity issues and other social unrest ravaging Nigeria. Osun youths have called for a just, balance and fair system that would accommodate all and sundry’s welfare and well-being.

This unanimous view was gathered during a one-day symposium in commemoration of the Annual Democracy Day organized by the Justice, Development and Peace Makers’ Centre, Osogbo (JDPMC).

According to them, the solution to the current challenges facing the country is not in secession but rather in Governments creating enabling environment for Nigerians particularly unemployed-teeming youths in the country through even distribution of national opportunities.

They also stressed that it is pertinent Governments place priority on the true practice of the rule of law and its guiding principle of equality before the law to the full scale.

Above links tell more about the realistic agitation of the Nigerian youths.

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