Vote buying: JDPMC worries over human poverty index, calls on Govt to review policy

The spate of the vote buying that is ravaging the Nigerian electoral process which stems from the human poverty index has now become a matter of serious concern among the stakeholders.

The General Coordinator of the Justice Development and Peace Makers’ Centre, Osogbo Rev. Fr. Peter Akinkunmi said this in an interview with a cross-section of Journalists today at the JDPMC’s Sitautionroom in Akure, the capital of Ondo State.

Fr. Akinkunmi expressed great concern over what he regarded as an alarming malady of vote buying that is pervading the Nigerian electoral system.

According to him, “it is still worrisome that the efforts being made by both non-governmental and civil society organizations are not breaking the walls of the poor mentality of living and orientation of the downtrodden masses who believe that they cannot survive on their own.  all intensified effort and advocacy seem to be sounding like noise to them instead of a guide for their lives. This truly points to the reality of acute poverty in Nigeria, it is understandable but vote selling is still far from the way out,

The bedrock of any good governance begins with bitting what you can chew and here comes moderation and prudence. When you see a man doling out cash for you without serious commitment, it is very important to watch out”.

He stressed further that this is the best time for Government to pay full attention to the poor standard of living among Nigerians by creating an industrialized and economically driven nation that would raise the bar of a standard of living for the vulnerable households.  The priest also added that Governments at all levels should go back to the drawing board to map out action plans and strategies that would take Nigeria out of the human poverty index.

Fr. Peter equally used to medium to charge the Government to review her policies which might be inimical to the peaceful and good living of the poor who have just come out of the shock of the Covid19 pandemic.



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