World Food Day: “recourse to farming for a better economic revival” – JDPMC enjoins Govt

A prominent and faith-based Non-Governmental Organization in Osun state which promotes action for justice and peace, holistic human development as well as participation in the transformation of the world also known as Justice, Development and Peace Makers’ Centre (JDPMC) has charged the government at all levels in Nigeria to shift the course of focus to the agriculture as its mainstay rather oil.

The charge came to the fore in commemorating this year’s World Food Day by the General Coordinator of the JDPMC, Rev. Fr. Peter Akminkunmi.

Fr. Akinkunmi expressed his worry over the state of the nation’s economy due to the poor attention to the agricultural sector which ought to have been a mainstay of the country’s comparative advantage in the world market but it was sad that reverse was the case.

” It is worrisome that agricultural sector in Nigeria has not yet taken its rightful footing despite the media blitz from Government at all levels, the reality can be vividly seen in this year budget, for instance, this 2021 budget agriculture took less than 5% of the total budget of the year. This is not encouraging!

It is critical Governments pay attention to the details of this sector by finding the last solution to the challenges facing the sector by providing necessary technical supports such as standardized irrigation farming system as an alternative to inconsistent rainfall patterns, soft/interest-free loans and provision of well-circulated seedlings to the targeted beneficiaries (Farmers in dire need),” he stated.

He noted further that such intensifying efforts would not only help local productions and agro-processing but also revamp and make the economy of Nigeria more stronger.

“As Nigeria joins the rest of the globe to mark this World Food Day, I, therefore, beseech Nigerian Governments to take recourse to farm for a better economic revival for the interest of all especially, rural people who have nowhere to go,

However, I must appreciate all resilient rural farmers who stand out and firm at ensuring that there is food security in Nigeria through their regular local produce despite all odds,” he concluded.

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