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Heads of mainline churches kick against Owo massacre, call for peace in Osun guber poll

In spite of this, we cannot fail to express with profound bitterness of heart the terrible wound inflicted on our collective consciences as citizens of Nigeria and in particular members of the Body of Christ arising from the shedding of the blood of our Christian and Muslim compatriots simply for their expression of the religious views or attachment to the symbols of their religion. We therefore condemn vehemently the brutal attack and cold blood murder of numerous faithful at worship on a solemn day such as the day of Pentecost at St Francis Catholic Church Owo, Ondo State. This atrocious incident transcends the growing disregard for the sacredness of human life in our country. To have invaded the House of God and murdered His children in His presence at his own sanctuary is a tragic act of assault on the person of the Almighty God. The hitherto brutal death suffered by Deborah Samuel in Sokoto in the hands of religious fanatics; and the cruel shedding of the blood of the pregnant Harira Jubril and her four children for their likely attachment to their Islamic religious symbol in Orumba, Imo State are indications that all hands must be on deck to ensure religious fanaticism does not aggravate the already overwhelming rate terror in the land.

Decline in Campaign Activities, a calculated ploy to a vote inducement by Rev.Fr. Peter Akinkunmi

The outlook of campaign activities ahead of the Ekiti 2022 elections when the preeminence of voter inducement is considered, fitted it as a furtherance of the generally observed trend of voter inducement by the major political parties at all major elections. The very high rate of voter inducement observed in the pre-election atmosphere in Ekiti indicates also that the issue of vote-buying as far as the Ekiti State election is concerned is unlikely to be a departure from the outrageous trend of vote-buying and financial inducements observed in previous elections and during the party primaries of the major political parties ahead of the general election of 2023 respectively