2021 Famine evasion: JDPMC draws strategic-agricultural plans for crop & livestock farmers

In taming the tide of hyperinflation rate in Nigeria and food scarcity, the Justice, Development and Peace Makers’ Centre, Osogbo has drawn strategic-agricultural plans that would ensconce Food Security and better Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for rural-crop and livestock farmers across Osun state.

These Strategic-agricultural plans were developed during A-day Farmers ‘/Stakeholders’ interactive Forum which focussed on the Economic implication of COVID-19 on Rural Agribusiness and the way forward.

The action reponse was followed by  the likelihood of impacts of the COVID-19 on the small scale farmers in Osun state and Nigeria as whole, knowing fully well that 70% of the Agricultural produce came from the rural farmers and communities.

Speaking on the philosophy behind the Plans, the General Coordinator, Rev. Fr. Peter Akinkunmi noted that many factors had worked against Rural  Farmers in 2020 which might likely make it impossible for them achieve bumper harvest and Food Security projection in 2021 occasioned by Corona Virus and its attendant consequences like lockdown, erratic rainfall pattern and high dependency of farmers on rain-fed agriculture .

“As a result of these factors, JDPMC deems it necessary to create a forum like this to cross-fertilize ideas through problems identification, need assessment and way forward to these challenges. It is our belief that this discussion we have had together today with the blueprint generated will yeild proper action and expected result by affected and relevant stakeholders as envisioned”, he said.




Campaign Finance violation: JDPMC calls for sanction of culpable political parties,advocates E-voting

In an attempt to curb the menace of voting buying and selling in Nigeria’s political context which is increasingly promoting Money-Bag politics and bad Governance in the Democratic era, the Justice, Development and Peace Makers’ Centre of Osogbo (JDPMC) has called for serious sanctions against any erring political party to this sacred law that stipulates the specific amount to be spent on electioneering Campaign.

This recommendation came to a fore at the Press Conference and Public Presentation of Report on Campaign Finance Monitoring Project Findings by the Justice, development and Peace Makers’ Centre.

A project targeted at tracking Political Parties and candidates’ Expenditures in the 2020 Edo and Ondo States Gubernatorial Elections to know how much they have adhered to the spending limits as stipulated by the Electoral Acts 2010, more importantly, to monitor the use of state Administrative Resources of some Political Parties as well as vote buying at the elections.

While making compare and contrast of what obtainable in the previous years and operational in 2020 Edo and Ondo Gubernatorial Elections, the General Coordinator of the JDPMC, Rev.Fr. Peter Akinkunmi said “there is a sharp rise in the rate at which Contestants bid at vote buying. In Osun 2018, five thousand naira was the highest tracked to have been paid to buy single vote, by 2020 in Ondo, it rose to thirty-five thousand naira per vote which has now led to a reduction in campaign activities and rising interest in vote buying”,

He stressed further that Law enforcement agencies are not equally doing justice to the all matter as they played indifference and turned blind eyes to such any scenrio which they ought to have risen against.

“While enforcement Agents, manage security at polling units, there seems to be consistent ignoring of vote buying as breach of law even within the vicinity of polling units raising questions as to whether they have the will to fight it as an Electoral offence. This is even more obvious when the fact is considered that there has not been anay reaction or response by relevant state Agencies to the contravention of the provisions of the law on Campaign expenses by political parties in the four major elections preceding Edo and Ondo 2020 within the last three years”. 

Therefore, Fr. Akinkunmi called for draconian measures that will serve as deterrent to others by criminalizing vote buying with severe prison sentence with no option of fine for those who are found gulity and full fledge of mandate efforcement of the Anti-graft Agencies should also be considered to this effect in order to ensure all round surveillance and checkmating of this Electoral foul.



Breaking: Data Analysis on 2020 Edo Poll, see total number of Wards, polling units& eligible Voters

While Nigerians, more importantly, the good people of Edo State and the political parties concerned are patiently waiting for the outcome of 2020 Edo Gubernatorial Election, it is expedient to feed you with facts and figures of the election as part of variables that shall form the decision of the final result so as to put its veracity into test.

Justice Development and Peace Makers’ Centre, Osogbo (JDPMC) has again gone far and wide to furnish you with the total number of Wards, Polling units, registered voters, senatorial districts and eligible voters in the 2020 Edo poll.

Meanwhile, this development was borne out of the spirited efforts of JDPMC Osogbo to strengthen Democracy in free, fair and credible election process that will produce quality in leadership style and true dividends of Democracy. The link below shows short but meaty details of the Data Analysis of 2020 Edo Gubernatorial Poll.

Kindly click on the below link and find out the details.


JDMPC reveals final Report of CFM on APC, PDP & S.D.P Candidates in the Osun 2018 Gubernatorial Election.

The above link is the final Report of the Campaign Finance Monitoring Project carried out by Justice Development and Peace Makers’ Centre of the Catholic Diocese of Osogbo in collaboration with the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) which aims at x-raying the major scandals and controversies that are undermining both Election and good Governance in Africa.Particularly, contributing factors that could in a solid word be termed as Corruption.

Not only this, but also to fathom the extent of non-compliance and even bold contravention of the legal framework on Campaign financing by candidates and political parties with impunity experienced in Nigeria arouse curiosity and thus raise strong questions on the capacity and efficiency of the 2010 Electoral Acts and its implementation mechanism to regulate the role of money in the electoral and governance processes.

It is our strong belief that this final Report will sharp your interest and expose you to the true violation of Electoral Laws and the clogs in the wheel of Democracy. Click on the above link and enjoy the rest of the findings.