“Insecurity will become abated, if Nigerians abstain from security-apathy syndrome”-JDPMC

Poor security alertness and public awareness by the Nigerians have been ascribed to one of the major sources of the spate of insecurity syndrome ravaging the country which are ranging from culture of indifference, accessory, fear and many more.

A Programme Officer in one of the prominent, faith-based, non-partisan, not- for profit and Non-governmental Organizations in the Osun state also known as Justice Development and Peace Makers’ Centre (JDPMC), Osogbo Mr.Richard Akinyostu stated this on a live weekly Programme tagged ‘Idagba So’ke’ on the frequency modulation of 104.5 fm of the Osun State Broadcasting Corporation, Ile-Awiye, Oke-Baale in Osogbo.

Reacting to the questions from the presenter, Akinyosotu noted that the level of Security Negligence and indifference being displayed by the General Public had really contributed more to the insecurity woes of the country.

He added that not until everyone rose to the challenges and developed a custom of security concern,otherwise, the issue of insecurity will still persist in the country.

According to him ” it is no longer a news that the level of insecurity today in the country is alarming resulted from insurgency and its attendants which are now proving more pandemic in virtually all the regions. Wining a war against it calls for concerted efforts with coordinating strategies from the residents to the security personnel, this is why we say that when you see something and say something for security agents cannot do it alone. 

All participants who phoned in expressed their dissatisfaction over the high rate of corrupt practices being played out by the security agents in the nation. They therefore called for the overhaul of the system for better security performance which shall guarantee safety of lives and property.

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