Osun Youths commend JDPMC for sustaining their interest in Agriculture through technical support

Osun state Youths under the umbrella body of the Sustainable Farmers’ Association also known as ‘SUFA’ have commended the Justice, Development and Peace Makers’ Centre, (JDPMC) Osogbo for its laudable efforts towards ensuring the sustainability of Youths’ interest in Agricultural practice.

The youths gave the commendation during a 2-day Annual Youth Training organized by Justice, Development and Peace Makers’ Centre as part of an attempt to reshape the perspective of youths in Osun state.

Speaking on behalf of other participants Abioye Veronica, Akinyemi Paul and Adegboye Peter noted that the lessons learned from the training have opened their horizons to the prospect in agriculture both in crops and livestock.

They promised to justify the purpose of the training by applying all the recommended practices taught in their various farms while commending JDPMC for enhancing the capacity and interest of the youths in agriculture.

In her remark, the Head of Department for Rural Development Programme of the JDPMC, Onaolapo Morenike said that the aim of the annual training was to sustain the interest of the youths in agriculture and reduce the level of dependency in Osun state.

She added that the organization would not deter in building the capacity of the Youths to the maximum potentials in the state for their better tomorrow.

‘IGBEAYE AWON OMODE’ is at it again!

Today is another interesting episode of your favourite weekly radio programme ‘IGBEAYE AWON OMODE’. A child’s right radio programme focuses on rights of every child and total well being in the society, Osun state and Nigeria as whole.

An astute Social Development worker as she will be doing Justice to the topic. Join the conversation at 5 pm today on rave 91.7fm as it promises to be thought-provoking.

JDPMC throws weight behind NAPTIP in tackling Human Trafficking

There is an impression that the menace of Human Trafficking will soon become a thing of the past in Osun state as Justice, Development and Peace Makers’ Centre (JDPMC) and National Agency For Prohibition Traffic In Persons (NAPTIP) Osun state command have found a common ground to fight endemic to finish.

This ray of hope came in during an Advocacy visit by the National Agency For Prohibition Traffic In Persons (NAPTIP) to the Office of Justice Development and Peace Makers’ Centre, Osogbo.

Speaking, the Zonal Commander of the NAPTIP, Osun Command, Suaad Mustapha noted that the purpose of the visit was to cement the existing relationship between the two parties so as to rebuild uncommon strength that could level the mountain of Human Trafficking in Osun having identified that there is strength in unity.

“The primary essence of this visit today is to strengthen the existing relationship between us in the past and make the best out of it. Yours is a reputable organization, which by records and standards could in the area of useful interventions be of great help to stamp out the malady in the state and create a fresh start for the viticms of  Human Trafficking. We will be grateful in any capacity your organization can be useful in serving humanity,” he concluded.

In his remark, the General Coordinator of the JDPMC, Rev.Fr.Peter Akinkunmi assured the National Agency For Prohibition Traffic In Persons (NAPTIP), Osun Command of necessary support in combating the menace of Human Trafficking in Osun state.

He said that the faith-based, Non-for-profit and Non-Governmental Organization would not deter in giving hands to every person or body whose agenda and mandate are aligned with the JDPMC in order to ensure a better society and holistic human development.

“Since the Vision of the JDPMC is to build human capital and defend their dignity in order to be responsible to themselves and their various communities, we will not deter in giving hands to every person or body whose agenda and mandate are aligned with the JDPMC in order to ensure a better society and holistic human development. Society can be better in an atmosphere where there is a unity of purpose and synergy so, you can be rest assured that JDPMC will give you the necessary support to combat the menace of Human Trafficking in Osun state,” he stressed.




Girl Child Day: Jdpmc vows just & equitable society for every Girl Child

The Justice and Development and Peace Makers’ Centre, Osogbo has reiterated its commitment towards peace, just and equitable society for every Girl Child in the state.

General Coordinator of the Justice Development and Peace Makers’ Centre (JDPMC), Rev.Fr.Peter Akinkunmi made this known in his message to commemorate the annual International Girl Child’s Day through the Head of Integrated Human Development Department, Mrs. Juliet Akande.

“We have seen and still seeing the challenges of being a girl child in our communities; from being not wanted because of male child preference to being subjected to Female Genital Mutilation, to defilement/ sexual abuse by pedophilic men, to absenteeism in school if she ever gets to go to school, to early drop-out to support the household earning, to being child household head in the unfortunate incidence of maternal mortality, to unhygienic menstrual management, to early child marriage or betrothal especially after being used as collateral for the loan, to teenage pregnancy resulting from rape and many more sufferable situations”, he stressed.

He therefore assured the Nigerian Girl Children especially in the Osun state not to give up or lose hope as the JPDMC would continually champion their cause in any imbalanced or unjust situation for they were not alone.

“Our hopes are raised when we see women who crossed the hurdles to become great, and the number of girls we have defended and catered for, we will not relent in clamoring for a Just, Peace and Equitable society of our dreams, meanwhile, more girls can run to us for safety, justice and holistic support for we will not be tired”, he affirmed. 


Independence Day: ‘Stop chasing shadow, quest first revolution of mind – says a priest

The General Coordinator of the Justice Development and Peace Makers’ Centre, Osogbo, Rev.Fr. Peter has again re-emphasized the need for the Nigerian leaders to re-evaluate their approach to the matters of national interest especially, the myriads of challenges contending with the nation.
He stated this in his Independence message made available to the newsmen in osogbo, the capital of Osun state. Fr.Akinkunmi drew the attention of Nigerians and people at the helm of affairs of the country to place a priority on the sanctity of humans and their welfare most importantly, children who are seriously in need of direction to go in order to fulfill a purpose.
the detail of the piece is below

A GLANCE AT NIGERIA @ 60 THROUGH THE WINDOW OF OMAR FAROUQ’S PRISON CELL                                                      

Building a real reflection on the state of the nation on a presidential national broadcast in Nigeria is to start a wild goose chase. This is contrary and obviously strange to modern open-society where such broadcasts are the real basis of meaningful and progressive discussion on a nation.  It the price Nigeria pays for its breed of political elites. Their message is never known to present concrete facts that only the privilege of their position can furnish the nation. When and where they are in power, they have their own glamorous image of the country which any reasonable person can never stoop to share with them considering the nonconformity of such most times to known reality. The ruling elites usually have their ready-made image of how the country has been masterfully transformed during their regime. An image, which, they usually craft even before they are sworn into office. For them, the rest of the world which may see the country differently is either misinformed or biased. And so would never attend to such views objectively and with any sense of commitment.

Yet we cannot hide from the fact that those things that paint Nigeria @60 in noticeable colors on the global map are mostly uncontestably unpraiseworthy. One cannot, for instance, look away from the fact that Nigeria is rightly accounted for today by the international community as the nation with the fastest-growing population yet with dragging economic growth. How can it be surprising then that even though it is the seventh most populous country in the world, it strangely has the highest number of poor people globally? Nigeria by the assessment of the international community accounts for the highest mortality rate of children globally, and has the highest number of out-of-school children? And currently, Nigeria is said to have become the world capital of open defecation.  Boko Haram and the various acts of banditry and violence across the country, have placed Nigeria in the company of nations that constitute a threat to global security. What ugly feathers to wear on the cap of a nation celebrating 60th independence anniversary in the modern globalized world? In spite of all of these hard and scary facts, those who are in power anytime and anywhere in Nigeria, would always present the country as faring gloriously at least during their regime and their days of privilege when they had access to the public money-bags. All such dysfunctions and failures that their image-making projects fail to hide are projected as deeds of their predecessors either of the military era or the days of opposition party regime. Yet only a very few of them have never been in the military or in what they would later refer to as the opposition party before what they now claim as their party won election and held both the reins of power and the public money-bag.

Let us presume that if the leading citizens of Nigeria would not accommodate the view of adults that do not propagate their molded image of the nation, they would even if for curiosity admit an innocent child’s perspective of Nigeria @60 especially if without erring in drawing contours and shading colors it sets before all rational beings the true image of our nation as it is today.

Omar a 13-year-old boy was sentenced to 10 years in prison by a Shari’a court in Kano on August 10 for blaspheming Allah in an argument with a friend. At 13, a child does not even yet have the capacity to decide about his religious beliefs and convictions. He still remains under the guidance of parents. Farouq yet has been in prison custody since February according to his legal counsel. The application of such punishment clearly violates the African Charter of Rights and Child Welfare.

Given the grave danger of prison sentence on a child’s future and the image of the country, it would be expected that the many constitutional means would have been immediately explored to make sure the child never gets near the prison gates. None of these was explored until the helpless Omar was jailed in February and sentenced in August. There can be no better time for the secular court as permitted under the constitution to immediately hear the appeal of the case and protect this vulnerable child. The governor of Kano state does not need to apply for Chinese loan in order to grant Omar state pardon which the constitution empowers him to do. Even if he fails to notice the danger before Omar because he is busy with the campaign for Edo gubernatorial election, we know also that the president does not need the approval of the National Assembly to do the same. The president, the governor of Kano State and the judiciary failed to notice the misery of a child under their care while Piotr Cywinski took a note from far way Poland and instantly threw himself into the matter to the extent of requesting to serve the jail term to save the boy from destruction.

Like the case of Omar Farouq, the many sufferings of children in Nigeria are not due to lack of resources. They are simply as a result of lack of goodwill by the political elite class to pursue the welfare of lives that do not share their blood.  This is the case with 3,600 children that Human Rights Watch reported Nigeria to have imprisoned between 2013 and 2019. The same reason accounts for the 10.5 million of Nigerian children that are not in school presently and 10.7% of children who die at birth in Nigeria as well as the 1.3 who are homeless street children. Since the return to democracy in 1999, there’s hardly a president that ruled the country who at least did not leave power as a grandfather. Governors of various states have all been either fathers or grandfathers. Yet one continues to wonder why these persons hardly reserve any reasonable place for child wellbeing in the actual implementation of fictitious policy direction. It is doubtful whether empathy is in any way involved in the self-application of Nigeria’s political elites in discharging the offices they hold on public trust.

The case of Omar Farouq particularly shows that even when what is needed is available to deal with the myriads of dangers confronting citizens of Nigeria, nothing would be done because, in reality, the political class is not interested and so does not care about the safety and wellbeing of the rest of their compatriots once their personal interests are protected.  In other words, what accounts for the misery of children in Nigeria, accounts for corruption, insecurity, underdevelopment, violence, growing division and loss of faith in the country. It is not inadequate resources but a lack of the will in the ruling elites to act for the common good.


@60, what Nigeria needs to overcome the multi-front battles tearing the nation apart is not an additional loan from China, or cancellation of debt profile. The way for Nigeria to find itself back on its lost path to glory is to invest whatever resources it would take to instill goodwill towards the common good first in the political elites then is every person who must live in this nation. This revolution of the mind is the only addition to our current pool of resources required to usher in the glorious face of Nigeria which the entire global community has sought, gazing in endless futility at the horizon. Whatever nation or individual offers Nigeria any form of support that does not tend towards instilling goodwill and patriotism in the ruling elites and the Nigerian people as a whole cannot be accounted either as friend or benefactor sincerely committed to rescuing the crumbling giant of Africa.

Rev Fr Peter Akinkunmi

General Coordinator

JDPMC, Osogbo

Osun Govt, JDPMC partner to empower Farmers through CBN Loan

In recognition of the Justice, Development and Peace Makers’ Centre of Osogbo, most especially her efforts, giant strides in human development and behavioural objectives which were considered worthy of emulation in governance, the Government of Osun led by the administration of Gboyega Oyetola has sought partnership with JDPMC Osogbo to empower local farmers in the state through Central Bank of Nigeria’s Loan Scheme.

The Commissioner for Agriculture and Food Security, Hon.Adedayo Adewole disclosed this in his office at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security during an Advocacy Visit by the Justice, Development and Peace Makers’ Centre (JDPMC), Osogbo.

Hon.Adewole said there was no doubt that JDPMC’s interventions in the agricultural sector had been one of the focal points of his Ministry which he described as a call for emulation and coordinated synergy through partnership. Against this backdrop, he therefore declared intention of his partnership with JDPMC and urged the advocacy team to collect the Data of all the rural farmers at her disposal and forward it to the Ministry so as to benefit from the Apex Bank Loan.

He further commended JDPMC for its spirited efforts towards promotion of Agricultural Development, Food Security and Sustainable Growth in the rural communities of which he attributed to the dedication and commitment to serve the humanity while appealing to all Nigerians to borrow a leaf from the attitudinal tree of the JDPMC.

Reacting the Assistant General Coordinator of the JDPMC, Rev.Fr.Stephen Okurumeh appreciated the Hon.Adewole for acknowledging the efforts of the JDPMC. Fr. Okurumeh reiterated the commitment of the JDPMC in making life better for the poor and partnering with people of goodwill who were capable of engineering as well as entrenching the positive change the nation truly desired.

Hepatitis Day: “Get tested and vaccinated now, it is no longer an option” JDPMC admonishes Nigerians

In the spirit of World Hepatitis Day’s commemoration particularly safety and prevention of high mortality rate in the country, Nigerians have been admonished to imbibe the culture of constant practice of proper medical check-up by subjecting themselves to Hepatitis test and vaccination.

The General Coordinator of the Justice, Development and Peace Makers Centre, (JDPMC), Osogbo, Rev.Fr.Peter Akinkunmi made this known in his World Hepatitis Day’s Message.

Fr.Akinkunmi noted that getting tested in order to know one’s health status and vaccinated respectively were no longer optional considering the death rates recorded so far due to Covid19 pandemic and other underlying diseases. He added that it was important Nigerians learned how to prevent the worst from happening rather than fighting it.

He therefore enjoined Nigerian to cultivate the habit of regular health maintenance and medical check-up which he described as a key to a sound living and long life.