JDPMC designs blueprint for women’s participation in politics

Women’s public and political participation is a critical step towards reshaping economic, political, and social conditions to allow for equality in opportunities and results for women and men. Women can be informed, thoughtful, and strategic advocates for their own needs. Today, their political participation is subverting the private/public sphere dichotomy, putting real power and leadership in women’s hands.

It is an incontestable fact that women constitute over half of the world’s population. Nigeria’s case is not different; Unfortunately, this numerical strength has not found corresponding expression or representation in Nigeria’s public life. Women’s participation in politics and governance is of strategic importance, not only for women’s empowerment but because it has wider benefits and impact. Many people have expressed the view of the great importance of women’s participation and representation in the governance of their country that it can bring to national development.

For any nation to realize the noble idea of democracy with its emphasis on participation, competition and liberty of the people, there is a need for the promotion of gender inequality. Democracy will not bring development to a country where there is no active involvement and participation of the two sexes; male and female.


In order to bridge the gap and ensure active women participation in politics especially at the grassroots, Justice, Development and Peace Makers Centre has packaged this training guide in order to be used by JDPMC’s seasoned and trained women influencers who would help to train and mentor other women in order to get involved in politics, governance and Community Development.

It is our strong belief that through this initiative, more women will get involved in community development, governance and Politics.


Rev. Fr. Peter Akinkunmi

General Coordinator,

JDPMC, Osogbo

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Women in Politics Training Manual