2019 Presidential Election: JDPMC’s IFES Final Report exposes Flaws, calls for full enforcement of Campaign Finance Laws


Democracy has become within the global community the ideal socio-political principle for the organization of
modern human society. This is so given its unparalleled capacity to uphold Justice, fairness, the advancement
of common good in the evolution of human society, its efficiency in the pursuance of communal vision and
facilitation of channels of cooperation for the entire international community.

The development of Democracy within various sovereign nations of the global community significantly rest
upon the reflection of justice, fairness and the freewill of the citizenry especially contestants and the electorate
in the electoral processes of such nations. In other words, the extent which the electoral legal frameworks and
the general administration, conduct and participation in election uphold justice, fairness and freewill already
set the ground for the direction or evolution of such nation.

This is why Nigeria along with other nations of the global community experiencing stagnation and crisis of
development are intensifying through multi-stakeholders approach the consolidation of electoral legal
frameworks, popular participation, conduct and management of electoral processes as the a significant
pathway to promotion of the good of their citizenry and catching up with global advancement in culture, in
technology and economy.

It is in this sense that the regulation of Campaign Finance is foundational to a dividend yielding democracy.
This is so considering the role it plays in creating a level playing ground for all contestants in election,
determining the level of influence of individuals and interest groups on the electoral process and the extent of
the freewill of voters.

It is from this background that the ―”Justice Development and Peace Makers Centre Osogbo in partnership with
the International Foundation for Electoral Systems with sponsorship from USAID and UKAID embarked on a
project to monitor the campaign financing of political parties ahead of the 2019 presidential election. It did so
by tracking the expenditures of these parties on campaign activities from the commencement of campaign in
November 2018 up to February 23 2019 the rescheduled date for the presidential election”

The sole aim for embarking on the project was to promote level playing ground for all contestants of elections
in Nigeria. JDPMC was the implementing partner of the project while IFES mobilized fund for the project and
provided technical support.
This document contains details of the reports of the project as implemented following planned strategy aided
by established mechanism for the project.

Kindly do well to click on the above Link and digest the details of the Report.

Rev Fr. Peter Akinkunmi
General Coordinator, JDPMC

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